Here is a link to a blog post by Jon Morrow.  I encourage everyone to click on the link to read this article.  Hard to have any excuses after reading his post.

  • I love the way he talks about acceptance and dealing with reality.  It really points back to the idea that people that focus on the past are often depressed and feel that life is unfair.  People that focus on the future often face anxiety and think too much about what may happen.  The real win comes in the messy middle.  The “now” part of your life where you need to grind your way through to success. 
  • Another great point he talks about is the concept regarding the concept of “the punch, counter punch.”  Everyone is going to get hit or take a punch, this is often the time where your opponent is left wide open for a knock out.  You need to change your mindset from hateful to grateful and find a way you can counter punch the situation to your advantage.  As he says, when turning lemons into lemonade, you can’t be mad at the lemons. 
  • I also really like how he talks about embracing the crazy.  The goal in life shouldn’t be to be normal.  When you fall into the rut of society, you lose your voice.  Find your real purpose in life and set some wild and crazy goals to get there.  He also talked in an interview about going from a survival mode to living a life of real contribution.  Everyone has their own unique story, what is yours? 
  • Finally he reminds us all to never, ever give up.  He comments that some of the greatest victories are made by the weakest people who overcome challenges that most others would cower down at.  The number one reason for failure is that people give up and quit too soon.  90% of those that fail in life fail because they gave up too soon. 

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