• “There is a remarkable difference between 99% and 100% commitment.”  This statement has been the signature on my email for almost 5 years.  Every time I communicate with someone via email I ask myself if what I just said or did lives up to this statement.  There has actually been a time or two where I have had to delete the signature line because I felt as though my actions would fall short of that statement.  At the same time there have been numerous times where I have rewritten the email or offered a different solution based on this simple statement.    
  • Last week we talked about choosing our attitude every day, this week we will discuss the other aspect of our life we have control over, effort.  Like our attitude, the amount of effort we put forth is in our hands.  Your chances of success and achieving great results are infinitely multiplied if you bring a positive attitude and 100% effort every day.  Like a positive attitude, 100% effort is a choice and does require some hard work.     
  • We all have 186 hours in every week.  Think about what you accomplish and how you feel at the end of each week.  How is it that some people accomplish great things and are in a great mood at the end of the week where others don’t accomplish anything and feel terrible about themselves at the end of the very same week?  The biggest difference between the two is the attitude and the effort put forth.  Below I will talk about 5 strategies to help explain how to achieve more at the end of the week by giving 100% effort.
  • 1. The first step in achieving 100% effort is “showing up“.  Whatever is expected of you for a given day, the number 1 thing we must to do achieve success is to show up.  Colin Cowherd once said on ESPN that “grinders win.”  This statement really hits home when I think about some of the great players and coaches that have achieved great success: Cal Ripken, Peyton Manning, Michael Jordan, Nick Saban, Vince Lombardi and Tiger Woods.  Think about what it took these people to reach the heights they have reached.  They were relentless and gave 100% effort every day to their craft.  They were laser focused on what they needed to do each and every day to improve.  I put Tiger Woods in this group because he really demonstrates both sides of the coin.  Think about his career when he was focused and had no distractions, he was on top of the world.  Now think about his career when he lost focus and stopped putting in 100% effort, he has faded into the pack.  
  • 2. Be present and engaged.  Just showing up is part of the battle.  Some people can work 80 hours a week but what do they really get done?  As I mentioned earlier we all only have 186 hours in each week, if we are going to spend time doing something we should try to get most out of our investment.  If we are present and engaged we tend to make better and more effective decisions and really have a pulse on the situation.
  • 3.  Work Up not Down.  When we talk about valuing our time and getting the most out of the time we put towards an activity, we need to remember to work up, not down.  Working down is the main way where we can put forth 100% effort and get nothing in return.  We need to make sure that we are focused on the tasks that will yield the greatest results.  As a leader, we need to make sure that we do not spend too much of our time working solely on team member tasks.  If we can direct, coach and give 5 team members 5 tasks to complete that would be equal to you trying to accomplish those 25 tasks on your own.  As you want to move up in an organization the person above you will notice two things: a) if they have to work down to help you complete your work OR b) if you are able to work up and help them achieve the desired results of the organization.   
  • 4.  Pay Attention To the Details.  The main difference between a good company and a great company is paying attention to the details.  Do you complete a task at 100% or do you just get it done by cutting a few corners?  This boils down to doing the right thing at the right time, the correct way it needs to be done.  Successful people are willing to do the little things that unsuccessful people let slide.  Often times the difference between a good guest interaction and great interaction is one little thing that other people may overlook.  Again, if you are going to spend your time completing a task, why not do it right?  
  • 5. Be Intentional.  The more intentional we can be with our direction, communication, coaching, goals and feedback, the more effective we are with our time.  This is how we can get 100% results out of our 100% effort.  As a leader we need everyone on the team working towards the same goal every day to achieve greatness.  If you feel yourself putting in 100% effort but not getting 100% results ask yourself why?  We have tendency to blame others, however it usually comes back to our lack of communication, direction and follow up.
  • Over the next few weeks I challenge you to practice these 5 tactics and see how you feel at the end of the week.  Please leave a reply and share some of your results.   

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