• When you wake up in the morning what is your initial thought?  Do you look forward to what your day will bring or do you dread what you have to do?  Do you feel in control of your future or do you feel trapped in your circumstances?  Keep reading to find out how you have the power to rewrite your script.  
  • As a human being we all have the power of choice.  Most importantly we have the power to choose our attitude every day.  Yes, this is a conscious choice we may need to make some days but with practice and repetition it does become more natural to choose a positive attitude no matter what the day will bring.  The law of attraction and self fulfillment is very true in the universe, if you choose a positive attitude towards a project it will most likely turn out positive.  In the same vein if you choose a negative attitude about the same project it will have a greater chance at failure.  Some people say they start with a positive attitude but it doesn’t last.  Some people say that they need help to remain positive.  Below I will discuss a 4 tips to help you stay in control & choose a positive attitude every day!
  • 1. Mindset.  I mentioned earlier that this is a mindset and that we can rewrite our script.  Every night when I go to bed I write in my “Freedom Journal” about what great things happened today and also why tomorrow will be great.  Then when I wake up in the morning I write about one thing that I am grateful for each day.  This little exercise over time can train your brain to begin and end day in positive territory.  From this point we simply choose to remain in positive territory.  During the day I try to thank and praise people along the way, looking for these positive actions during the day is my fuel to remain positive.  When we look and expect positive things to happen they often seem to happen more frequently. 
  • 2. “Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?”  This was the mantra of a fellow leader that I used to work with at a country club.  The profound truth in this statement is overwhelming.  As leaders we tend to forget or overlook how much control of a situation we have just by our thoughts and actions.  When you have a positive attitude others also seem to be in a good mood, when you have a negative attitude others hop on board and the day progressively gets worse. 
  • 3. Be the thermostat, not the thermometer.  As mentioned above, others will follow your lead.  As a leader we have the power to set the temperature of any situation by how we approach and react.  The worst thing we can do is adjust to the negative temperature set by others by either doing nothing or worse, joining in.  It is up to us to step in and change the temperature by adjusting our dial to positive.  Again, we ultimately have the final control of our own thermostat.  Sometimes the situation may be so bleak that we feel it isn’t changing but if we truly change the setting and keep it set we will start to see positive movement over time.
  • 4. “Glad to be here“.  John Foley was a Blue Angels fighter pilot and this short saying was said at the end of every meeting or discussion that took place among his group.  What a great way to set the tone and create a positive attitude every day.  Imagine if you ended every meeting by saying “glad to be here.”  Even if you had a disagreement the attitude was still in positive territory.  This again circles back to creating a positive mindset and helping to rewrite your own script.
  • Final thought to ask yourself: “Are YOU choosing the right attitude every day to be the best version of yourself as a leader?”

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