• I wanted to post a quick idea surrounding the power of the 2 minute rule.  As people look to become more efficient and productive this is one tip that I like to suggest.  Create and follow your own set of two minute rules.  Below are a few 2 minute rules I believe can help you get more accomplished in your day.
  • 1. If a task takes less than 2 minutes, get it done.  Don’t put it on a list or try to delegate the item.  If it was someone else’s responsibility but it needs to get done, get it done then coach the other person as to why you had to take control.  Again you can remind them that it didn’t even take you two minutes to get it done.  This is one big difference between “try” and “do”.
  • 2. Meetings.  30 Two minute meetings will usually see better results than One 60 minute meeting.  Think about how many times you can direct and guide your team in under 2 minutes.  The other great part about this is that it feels informal and less like a critique.   
  • 3.  If you see it, coach it.  This is along the same lines but this also puts you on the clock to say something within 2 minutes of the incorrect behavior.  It has more impact if you can coach an item as it is being done incorrectly vs. talking to someone the next day.
  • 4. Negative thoughts.  If something goes wrong try to follow the two minute rule and after two minutes let it go and don’t let it bother you anymore.  There is no upside at all to remaining angry about something for days and days.  Remember every minute you spend mad is a minute lost in your life.
  • 5. Ask for a solution.  If a person comes to you with a problem and you are not sure if you have the time or the desire to deal with it ask them for a possible solution.  This also works well in a conflict situation.  Ask the person what they would like to see for the outcome.  If you like the idea it then turns into automatic delegation, if you don’t like the idea you can always say let me think about that and then follow up with an alternative solution.  
  • 6. Keep of a list of problems.  For one week keep a journal of every problem that someone brought to your attention.  It will take you only a few seconds to write each one down.  Decide if each problem really needs to be brought to you or could you redirect the person to someone else to help get a solution in the future. 
  • My goal is that you could have read this in under 2 minutes but I may have went a little over.  I hope these tips help you get more accomplished in the course of your day.

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