As we built our latest Culver’s restaurant there was a saying I heard too many times to count during the construction process.  “It’s not my job”.  On our next store I want to build a clause into the contract that charges our builder $100 every time I hear a worker say this statement.  The word accountability seems to have been erased from the dictionary over the past decade.  There were a few times where the people spent more time arguing about who’s job it was than it would have taken to simply do the item in question. 

  • When you are in the service business, as we are, everything is your job.  Our number one job is to serve others.  This means the customers, our coworkers and even the vendors that supply services to us.  Once you believe that statement, you will realize that you succeed even more as others around you succeed.  You will begin to realize that it may not technically be our job but it is our responsibility and quite frankly our privilege to serve others.  We need to build a culture where everyone knows that everything is everyone’s job.  It will be noticeable from our team members all the way to our guests if we all take on this level of accountability.  It is very hard to fake service.  It is easy to tell when people truly have a heart to serve others. 
  • Too many times people try to focus on becoming a person of success vs. a person of value.  Once you realize that the more value you can bring to others through serving others the more success that will naturally follow.  Serving others comes down to adding value.  When you are in any organization and you want to move up you need to add more value to those around you.  Whenever I look at promoting someone I ask the simple question: do they add value to the organization and help us move towards our mission?   
  • In closing remember that we as leaders set the standard.  If we make everything part of our job others will follow.  If our company coat of arms point at each other, others will also follow. 

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