What you feed grows and what you starve dies.  In Phoenix, AZ I see both lush green yards and dead grass on the same block.  How many times have you looked at someone’s else yard and wondered why their yard looks so green?  Often times we think if we just move, we could enjoy the greener grass with no extra effort.  The reality is that our yard started out just as green but due to our actions or inaction it changed.  The real reason that others’ yards look better is because they feed it more than we do. 

  • This idea shows itself in many different aspects of our lives.  What positive daily habits do we have that feed our productive self and what daily habits do we have that feed our negative self?  Either positive or negative, these daily habits compound over time and turn into momentum.  On the positive side, this momentum propels us up to reach our goals.  On the negative side, this momentum can spiral us down the wrong path. 
  • This is one of the keys to helping overcome addiction as well; you have to starve it out by replacing the bad habits with good ones.  One way to eliminate almost any negative habit is to find what triggers the habit in the first place.  Once we find the trigger we need to be prepared to take an alternate action when the trigger situation arises.  The more we can retrain our mind to follow a different course of action after the trigger occurs, the more we can use these triggers to create positive outcomes.    
  • They say it is easy to get on a path of mastery, yet hard to stay on it.  The key is to start small, become consistent and grow at a reasonable pace.  The issue with society is that we don’t like the long term win, we all look for short term results.  Sometimes our daily wins are so small that we can’t even see them but over time the change can be massive.  You must continue to feed those actions and habits daily to see the effect.  A farmer doesn’t go from seed to fruit, it takes a lot of feeding and caring for the crop over time to produce fruit.  We need to focus on the process, not just the results.  Sometimes the results are not very noticeable along the way but if we stick true to the process, it does eventually produce results.
  • This idea also can have the same effect on our thoughts.  The more we think about and focus on something, the higher the chance of it happening.  I believe it is very true that our thoughts become our reality.  It is amazing how others seem to live up to or fall down to our thoughts and comments as well.  If we remain positive and focus on gratitude it is a lot easier for us to have great results vs. the people that are negative and hateful. 
  • As we relate this to our business we need to ask ourselves as leaders: what do we allow to grow in our organization and what do we need to starve out and kill?  We need to remember not to look the other way hoping that something will die on its own, chances are that someone else is watering the negative side of the action.  When it comes to what we encourage to grow in our company, it all starts with feedback.  Constant feedback is the water for the culture in our business.  The more we point something out, the more it will be repeated, for good or bad.    
  • Have a great week and challenge yourself to feed something positive!

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