Quick little thought for the day:

Did you ever wonder where the saying “draw a line in the sand” came from?  I was listening to a leadership talk given by Dave Ramsey and learned that it actually comes from The Alamo.  When the Texan forces were outnumbered over 1000 to 200 and it was apparent that no one would survive, Col. Travis took out his sword and drew a line in the sand.  He said anyone that wanted to stand, fight and most likely die for freedom needed to stand beside him on his line in the sand. 

I really enjoyed hearing this story as it represents how a true leader leads others.  As a leader we need to be very clear with everyone where our line in the sand is and ask others to join us if they feel the same way.  Drawing a line in the sand really clarifies both what you stand for as well as what you do not stand for.  In other words it lets everyone know what the expectations are and what the non-negotiable items are in your organization. 

Along these lines I heard a simple statement made about every new hire in an organization.  Look at every new person you bring into your organization, do they raise the collective average of everyone or do they lower the collective average.  One of the worst things we can ever do is to bring in new people and let them lower our standards.  This is where we need to have a clear line in the sand as to what is expected out of everyone.  And of course we also must always be assessing our current team members as well to make sure that we are not letting our standards slip by letting someone stay around a little too long. 

Challenge for today is to ask yourself how you can help raise the average of your team and to invite others to join you on your side of the line. 

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