• As today is Thanksgiving in the United States, I thought I would tie in a ship reference.  We talked last week about the process.  The process is like a ship.  The process is what creates the main body of the ship.  When the seas get rough the integrity of the ship gets tested.  Likewise when our business climate gets rough our processes and systems are put to the test.  Sometimes in rough seas a boat may need stabilizers to help keep it afloat.  Yet in calm waters those stabilizers can actually slow the ship down.  In our business when the going gets tough we need to make sure that we get all hands on deck and maintain as much stability as possible.  We need to count on a very rigid foundation to make sure that we can hold true to our core values and weather out the storm.
  • Now comes the second part of the ship, the sails.  On a team, I feel that loving each other, serving each other and committing to each other around the primary goal of the business is what determines the height of the sails.  The bigger the sails, the further the ship can travel.  With no sails the ship would look good but never get to its destination.  With huge sails and a weak foundation, the boat would eventually sink.  As the tides and winds shift the sails must also be flexible to keep the ship on course.  The best example of this in recent memory is the Clemson Tigers.  Coach Dabo Swinney is a firm believer in everyone on the team loving one another, serving one another and committing to the goal.  Last year during the college football national championship Clemson trailed Alabama at halftime.  Dabo told his team that they all love one another too much to fail.  They came out in the second half with a new found will to win the game.  The top two things that we as leaders must do in our organization is to care for and serve our time.  We must love our guests, love our team and love serving others to reach our full potential as both individuals and as a team.  As Americans we afraid of the word commitment, yet it takes commitment to reach the next level in every endeavor.
  • One final thought on Thanksgiving.  Everyday we all have the choice to either be grateful or hateful in our lives.  It is up to each one of us to remain grateful for all of our blessings.  I am grateful and thankful for everyone in my life.  I would not be where I am today without every person that I have met in my life.  Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

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