Isn’t is funny always to see children jump into a cold pool without thinking twice?  Have you ever stopped to wonder why it takes kids to go in first?  Children do not have the same fear or limiting beliefs that adults have to hold us back.  In contrast, you see the person that walks down one step at a time (about 20 minutes apart) that complains the whole time.  They see others in the deep end and say “there’s no way I could that” or “you’re crazy.”  The funny thing is that everyone in the deep end is enjoying the pool and to them, the temperature is not an issue.  Once people are all the way in, they realize that the temperature is pretty comfortable.  Then you have the people that sit on the edge and put their feet in the water.  These are the people that want you to think that they are in the pool even though they have no intention of going in.  The truly ironic part is that when you get out of the water, you realize that being in the water was warmer.  To close this thought, we need to remember that we can drown in only six inches of water.

  • I believe that this is how many people live their life.  They see an opportunity, and they have to choose to step all the way into the opportunity or to put their toe in.  The people that seem to have much more long term frustration are the ones that do not fully step into the challenge.  We need to attack life and create our future.  It is funny when people do not put themselves all the way into a situation, and then they become the ones to complain the loudest.  The sad part is that they have the power to change their outcome if they would only fully step into the challenge.
  • I feel that most people can be broken down into two categories: those that make it happen and those that make excuses.  Those that always want to play it safe and only dip their toe in can give you five reasons why they won’t jump in.  Those that make it happen simply jump in.  If the water is cold, they view it as an inconvenience, not as an excuse to not jump in.  People that make things happen don’t hide in the middle, they move to the front lines and show up ready for battle every day.  People that make things happen would rather say “oh well” than “what if.”  The best time to grow as a person is when we are forced out of our comfort zone; this is how to be truly alive and experience life.
  • One of my favorite leadership stories that relates to this philosophy is the story of how when Cortez landed in Veracruz in 1519 he ordered his men to burn the ships.  Cortez knew that they were facing great odds and that if the men had no chance of turning back, they would jump in with total commitment.  I don’t think there was a single excuse uttered under his command.  We know that the order worked as this legendary act of leadership lives on to this day.  Reflect on how many opportunities we have in our lives to fully immerse ourselves into an activity.  Think about how much more meaningful all of our daily interactions could be if we were fully present and engaged.

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