Follow your dreams.  If you only had a dollar for every time someone told you that when you were younger.  I have put together a few steps below to help others hopefully begin the process of realizing and following their dreams.  I am a person that believes that you can achieve almost anything you want if you have the right plan and a good mix of the hungry, humble and smart qualities discussed over the past couple of weeks. 

  • Step #1.  Believe that you have a purpose.  Everyone is put on this earth for a reason.  I like to think that if we are still alive we still have the potential to become a better version of ourselves.  We are all unique, and no one has the same life experience as we do.  We all need to tap into our unique potential and past to help us succeed in the future.
  • Step # 2.  Get over yourself.  Pride is one of the biggest dream killers that we all have to deal with every day.  Pride can blind you from both your talents as well as your weaknesses.  On most successful journeys people need help from others.  Don’t let your pride hold you back from asking for help.  It is amazing how many people want to help others succeed, all you need to do is ask.
  • Step # 3.  Embrace the suck.  Discontent and pain are one of the key driving forces in change.  Most people do not change until the pain gets to point where they are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  The journey is not quick and easy.  The number one cause of failure is that people tend to give up too soon.  The messy middle as it called is what separates success from failure.  If you get knocked down, figure out why then get up and try again.  If you don’t realize what knocked you down and make a change, you will most likely get knocked down again.
  • Step # 4.  Get away from the norm.  It sounds a little odd, but it is amazing how much success comes when we step out of our comfort zone.  Doing what you always did will usually get you what you always get.    Steps 3 and 4 can help you have an “ah ha” moment where clarity hits you square in the face.
  • Step # 5.  Get rid of the noise, do what matters.  It is amazing how much just one choice we make can change our future.  We all need to be aware of our choices and ask if they are moving us towards our dream or moving the dream a little further out of reach.  One practice I do each day is called “OTED,” one thing every day.  Each day when I write in my journal I write down one thing I need to do to move my business goals forward and I write down one thing I need to do to move my personal goals forward.
  • Step # 6.  Focus.  Follow one course until success.  Go only one inch wide, but go one mile deep.  So many times we stretch ourselves out and either try to achieve too many goals, or we make our goals too broad.  We need small wins to create momentum to get us moving forward.  As mentioned in previous posts, momentum can be either our best friend or our worst enemy.
  • Step # 7.  Understand that you do not deserve it.  When you are free from entitlement, success is closer.  So many times we tell ourselves that we deserve something and all that does is hold us back and let us think that we do not have to earn it.  Entitlement is not a millennial problem; it seems to be an American problem.
  • In summary, I feel that it takes vision and passion to help define your dream, discipline to make the correct choices to achieve your dream and then good personal character to make the dream endure the test of time.

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