To follow up on my series about the “right stuff,” I have created a self assessment that focuses on the three major areas that can help you succeed and become a better team member.  Please rate your self as “Usually”, “At Times” or “Rarely” in each of the following areas for your work.

  • Hungry:
    • 1. On time / early for every shift
    • 2. Call out once or less every 6 months
    • 3. Do more than what is asked during your shift
    • 4. Cover others’ shifts, come in early, stay late when needed 
    • 5. Follow policies and procedures
    • 6. Ask to learn more, move up, cross train
    • 7. In position, ready to work at all times
    • 8. Want to work when busy, do not complain about # of hours
    • 9. Do you want to be here?  Passion / Fire inside
    • 10. Willing to work on holidays and special occasions
  • Humble:
    • 1. Compliment and praise others
    • 2. Serve others, jump in and help others out
    • 3. Happy to make it right for someone (with a smile)
    • 4. Admit you are wrong  (be accountable)
    • 5. Share credit with others  (use “we” more than “I”)
    • 6. Treat everyone the same (team members and guests)
      • (People above and below you in the company)
    • 7. Never say “It’s not my job”
    • 8. Grateful, not hateful (never complain)
    • 9. Kind, positive and nice to others
    • 10. Put others success before your own
  • Smart:
    • 1. Able to get along with everyone
    • 2. Do not get annoyed by others
    • 3. Change leadership style in certain situations
    • 4. Empathetic to others and their situation
    • 5. Get to know others on a personal level
    • 6. Good listener, ask follow up questions
    • 7. Do not quit or walk away when upset
    • 8. Listens to other points of view and discuss
    • 9. Defuse tense situations, do not escalate
    • 10. Do not gossip / spread rumors
  • Scoring:  Go ahead and score each area separately.  Give yourself 2 points for every “Usually”, 1 point for every “At Times” and 0 points for any “Rarely” answers.  Look at which area is your lowest and focus on those habits first.  If you really want to improve ask someone that you know to rate you as well in these areas.  Sometimes we are blind to what some of our own opportunities are because we live with them every day.  The key to this assessment is not to compare yourself to others but to use it to simply impact your own situation.  Pick one area to focus on and in 6 months take the assessment again and see how you did.  The only person to compare yourself to is yourself! 

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