How can we make add that one extra degree in our business? 

  • 1. Think serve, not lead.  Ask yourself, how you can help and serve others?  
    • Our goal is loyal raving fans.  Not only customers but employees as well. 
  • 2. Companies don’t succeed, people do.
    • The focus is always on retaining customers but we also need to work on retaining team members.  
    • You can’t teach a smile or teach a personality but you can hire those items.
    • As Jim Collins always talks about, we need to get the right people on the bus, then get right people in the right seat and if needed ask the wrong people to leave our bus.   
    • People go where they are invited but stay where they are appreciated.
    • 5/1 rule.  For every one time you need to coach someone you should praise that person 5 times.
  • 3. Simplify the vision for success.
    • Jump start sheet.  What are the goals for each shift?
    • The “why” can personalize the task.  Give people the “why.” 
    • Give a line of sight from vision to success.
  • 4. When you are part of a team you are stronger than being alone.
    • Be excited about being busy
    • Have a can do attitude, attitudes are contagious.
  • 5. Communication, communication, communication.
    • Share what’s happening, share what’s coming up & share how we are doing. 
    • Set specific goals & coach / praise both positives and opportunities.
  • 6. Set the stage for innovation
    • Encourage new ideas.  Ask what others think.  
    • Ask team members what one thing could we do to make this a better place to work?
  • 7. Commit to excellence
    • Focus on the details and pay attention to the little things.
    • Chase consistency.
    • Praise specifically, out loud, what was done right.
  • 8. Take full responsibility for what we do
    • Don’t use the word “they” when complaining.
    • Our company coat of arms shouldn’t point at each other.
    • A great leader takes more than their share of the blame and less than their share of the success.  
  • 9. Measure results
    • What gets measured gets results.   
    • Feedback is absolutely critical for our success. 
  • 10. Example is the most important.
    • Everyone is a leader, someone is always watching what you do or what you allow others to do.
    • We teach others how to treat ourselves. 
    • We want to help people think better about themselves.

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