army-soldier-iraq-795439-hFor some reason this military term has hit home over the past couple of weeks with our new store opening.  As with any new business we are crazy busy and most team members have been employed for only a few shifts.  As hard as we try to get every order correct we do sometimes fall short and make a few mistakes.  As the phone rings during the first couple of weeks we all cringe as we answer it.  We are all hoping it will be a “are you open” call vs. a “you got my order wrong” phone call.  We all tend to shy away from even wanting to answer the phone at times. 

  • I believe that this is the time it is even more important than ever to look forward to answering the phone to gain as much feedback as we can from our guests so we can correct any training opportunities moving forward.  I always believe it is easier to retain a guest than it is to acquire a new one.  So many companies spend more money on getting new customers instead of placing those same resources in keeping their current ones.  By embracing the suck as they say we can learn a lot from our business.  Sometimes when we are in the business every day we fail to see it from the lens of the guest.
  • I have found that some of our most loyal guests at one point had an issue and it was how we resolved the situation that turned them into a loyal, raving fan of Culver’s.  Culver’s does not compete price wise with other fast food options but our secret weapon is our level of service.  This is why we must go out of our way to be different and embrace those opportunities to improve.  Smart competitors can steal everything we do except how much we love our customers.  By creating a relationship with our guests we set ourselves apart from our competition.  The best way to build a relationship with the guest is to be present and engaged during your shift and be available to the guest as much as possible. 
  • I read a statistic the other day that mentioned that 80% of companies surveyed said that they give superior customer service, yet only 10% of customers surveyed said that was the case.  This is where we as the company need to really ask and then listen to the guest.  In the past, most complaints were made in private, today, customer service has become a spectator sport.  Customer service is one of the new forms of marketing.  Embrace every opportunity to turn a complaint into a loyal raving fan of your business and remember that we are always on stage! 

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