It is interesting to hear so many organizations talk about “Culture” and how they want to have a great culture.  Unfortunately so many companies talk about culture during the onboarding process but then fail to follow that up with action.  Our company needs to be one that follows that statement up with daily actions to prove to our team members that we walk the talk!  Below I have listed 11 steps to help create and maintain a “Culture of Greatness”.

  • 1. Everyone must know the vision.  I remember reading that when Kennedy was president and he was trying to get a man on the moon that even the janitor at NASA when asked what his job was said “to put a man on the moon.”  Talk about everyone knowing vision and goals.
  • 2. Everyone must know the rules.  We must be clear on what we expect from all members of our team.  We must be clear on what we expect to see as well as what we will not tolerate. 
  • 3. We must lead with a positive attitude.  As leaders we set the tone.  Our attitude will determine the direction and eventual destination of our company.
  • 4. We must serve others first.  Remember that no one cares about what you know, they first want to know if you care.  The best way to show others that you care is to serve others first.  We only succeed as a team if the individual team members are successful.  If we help others achieve their goals, we will naturally accomplish our goals.
  • 5. We need to be intentional.  We can work 100 hours a week and have a worse culture than if we worked 50 hours a week but made those 50 hours count.  We need to be clear and specific on all of our communication.  Use SMART goals when setting daily, weekly or monthly goals with the team.
  • 6. We must hold everyone accountable, including ourselves.  Setting goals is a waste of time if there is no accountability.  We need to be an organization where we can all help hold each other accountable.  As we give feedback and direction the course may change a bit but the end destination remains the same.  We need to stop giving and also stop allowing excuses.  One team member not performing has a negative impact on those that do perform.  
  • 7. We need to empower others.  Setting goals and giving feedback is what leads to empowerment.  We need to give our team members the vision, the goal and then the freedom to accomplish the task. 
  • 8. We must have a 360 degree view.  We need to learn from the past, be engaged in the present and realize the future impact every action we take  
  • 9. Remember that details matter.  This is what makes the difference between good and great companies.  Great companies do the little tasks that the good companies choose to ignore or say “good enough.”  Good enough is the true enemy of great.  
  • 10. We must show appreciation.  Use our scoop cards as the ultimate way to show appreciation for a job well done.  The more we can recognize and reward positive behavior the more it will most likely be repeated.  Remember to praise in public as much as possible.     
  • 11. We must be transparent & ask for feedback.  Team members in today’s culture want to work for a company where they feel like there is full transparency and where the have a voice. 
  • Please feel free to leave a comment with any other tips for creating a “culture of greatness”

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